The Rapid Rise of Poly Theatre Management (part 1)

By the end of 2018, there were 64 theatres in 56 cities across China run by PTM, contributing over 9,000 performances yearly..


“There is a lot of energy being invested right now into preserving opera and keeping opera alive, which I think is misguided

How Does Idyllic Conception Exist?

“Even if there isn't a single dancer left, Idyllic Conception will continue to exist. It will exist, definitely.”

Theatre Får302 — the Smallest Intimate Stage of Copenhagen (part 4)

“We are still an actors’ theatre. Very often actors are seen as soldiers in a way, who follow others’ decisions, but we

Theatre Får302 — the Smallest Intimate Stage of Copenhagen (part 3)

Sympathy for the Devil was Pauli’s exclusive show. Lucas Svensson, author of the monologue, suggested him play the sole role

Theatre Får302 — the Smallest Intimate Stage of Copenhagen (part 2)

Being faithful to Stanislavski’s method, the ensemble of nine had pushed against the traditions in the realm of the absurd,

Theatre Får302 — the Smallest Intimate Stage of Copenhagen (part 1)

“It is a gift…” Charlotte Elizabeth Munksgaard recalls her memories of the year 2001. Her voice, a typical mezzo, is soo

Birgitte Hesselaa Talks About the Breakthrough in Modern Danish Drama

The new generation were the children of the 68’s, which means that they had been brought up by the famous Generation ’68.

“To Bring Our Beloved Chinese Novel to the Attention of the Non-Chinese World. ” — Pearl Lam Bergad Talks About Dream of the Red Chamber

"If the world premiere of Dream of the Red Chamber means your 'dream come true', then what the premiere in Beijing, the birthp

Qintai 9/23: Being an Onlooker of Dream of the Red Chamber

The tour of Dream of the Red Chamber in China involved nearly 300 people from more than 10 countries and regions, covering a d

Penghao Theater 3/11: Surreal, but so Real

“I want to guide all the ordinary people into the world of theater, spiritual richness and nobility.” Wang Xiang asserted

NCPA 2/19: the Concert of Cristina Ortiz and the Facts Behind

The first half of the concert closed in the Moonlight. Apart from the popularity of the piece in China, Ortiz might not have k

Dunhuang 12/25: the First Western Holiday in Western Music

Today after over a century has passed, the local residences are benefitting from the discovery more and more, not only in the

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